UAV Electronic management tailor-made solutions

In cases where the integration phase is not straight forward job, our experience and our “in house” technology, allows us to adapt the systems to our customers’ specific requirements and even develop complete customized solutions.

Our services cover from specifications design to satisfy specific platform needs, through detailed design and manufacturing of mechanical and electronic components, management and implementation of qualification tests of the systems.

  • Mechanical design, microelectronic and embedded software development
  • Characterization and calibration of engines in dynamometer test bench
  • Certification tests (EMI, vibration, climatic, aerodynamic,...)

Systems integration projects

  • Integration of our Electronic Management solutions to your UAV projects
  • Organization and supervision of the ground test phases
  • Back-up and embedded cooperation during flight tests

Project follow-up and technical partnership

  • Software and hardware up-grades
  • Technological watch and up-dates
  • Certification, norms and new legislation compliances