Engineering and Consultancy

Moscat is a spanish company specialized
in the development of solutions in
unmanned aerial vehicles.

Your technological partner in EFI solutions
for 2T UAV projects

Although highly specialized in the development of EFI solutions for 2 stroke UAV projects, the Moscat Engineering Company has nevertheless acquired throughout its 15 years experience, a wider know-how. Such as today, we can say that Moscat Engineering is dedicated in solving performance and reliability problems in the UAV sector.

For this reason, we have not only developed a standard range of high quality Electronic Components - our Fuel Injection Systems and other UAV peripherals products have been designed to comply with military quality standards - but also, we offer our expertise to design and integrate tailor-made Electronic Management solutions for any specific UAV project.

With our products and services offer, Moscat Engineering aims at becoming your technological partner by sharing its experience and intervening at any level you may require to smoothen out the building up of your UAV project.

Our customers are developers and/or UAV integrators, engine manufacturers and end users interested in improving the reliability and performances of their systems.


Videos MOSCAT Company

EFI System for DA120 engine

Video recorded during test cycles according to STANAG 4703. You can see the different function phases of the engine which are automatically executed:


UAV Customized Solutions

UAV Electronic management tailor-made solutions

In cases where the integration phase is not straight forward job, our experience and our “in house” technology, allows us to adapt the systems to our customers’ specific requirements and even develop complete customized solutions.

Our services cover from specifications design to satisfy specific platform needs, through detailed design and manufacturing of mechanical and electronic components, management and implementation of qualification tests of the systems.

Mechanical design, microelectronic and embedded software development

Characterization and calibration of engines in dynamometer test bench

Certification tests (EMI, vibration, climatic, aerodynamic,...)

Systems integration projects

Integration of our Electronic Management solutions to your UAV projects

Organization and supervision of the ground test phases

Back-up and embedded cooperation during flight tests

Project follow-up and technical partnership

Software and hardware up-grades

Technological watch and up-dates

Certification, norms and new legislation compliances


Moscat Engineering and Consulting

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