Engine electronic control units

It allows the control of all engine processes: fuel injection, dual ignition, engine speed (fly-by-wire), redundant fuel supply, propeller pitch, sensors and actuators diagnosis, engine health monitoring. Control algorithms specifically designed for two strokes engines.

Technical specifications >

Dimensions 75 x 71 x 20 mm

Weight 80 gr (with EMI shielded aluminum enclosure)

Power supply 10-30 V DC

Maximum consumption 0,1 A

Compatible with reciprocating 2T, 4T and rotary engines

Available, among others, for Desert Aircraft DA120, DA150 and 3W-150 engines. For more details, please contact us.

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eFI control unit

control unit unidad de control

Fuel pumps

Micro gears fuel pump. Designed to satisfy the requirements of UAV reliability, endurance and maintainability.

Technical specifications >

Maximum flow 18 l/h @ 2,5 bar

Maximum pressure 5 bar

Dimensions 57 x 22 mm

Weight 95 gr

Rated voltage 12 VDC

Maximum power 15 W

Compatible with AV-Gas,                 commercial gasoline,                       diesel, kerosene, JP-X,                       methanol

We recommend using the BMC03 controller, which is specific for this application

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FP400 fuel pump

fuel pump

Controller for brushless motors

The BMC03 controller regulates precisely the speed of brushless motors without being affected by variations in voltage, typical in battery powered systems. It is specifically designed for the control of UAV fuel pumps, although its application is extended to more general applications.

Technical specifications >

Dimensions 60 x 40 x 10.3 mm

Weight 16 gr

Power supply 10-30 V DC

Maximum consumption 10 A (peak)

Commutation frequency 80 kHz

Speed control signal PWM @ 50Hz (1-2 ms)

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BMC03 brushless control unit

brushless control unit